Family & Society 10 – November 7

Today we:

  • went on a reality check walk: it was -5 (felt like -12) and we were outside for 28 minutes. Our takeaway: being underprepared is NOT COOL.
    • DO NOT wear jeans on Wednesday
    • Winter boots are best. Having a second pair of dry shoes is good. Having one pair of sandals is madness. As Gossen said, most people living rough struggle with frozen toes. This is accurate.
    • Winter coats are NOT optional. Why don’t you all have these all the time?
    • Ears. Get. Cold. Wear a toque!
    • Long johns – no one will see them and your body will thank you. WEAR THEM.
    • We are not watching the senior girls on Wednesday. We are going straight downtown after Mrs. LaFleur’s team is finished their game at 4pm.
  • talked about service design: where have we now witnessed gaps?
  • upcoming events: Bowling with the Association for Community Living on November 21st (during class) and the Mustard Seed in Kamloops on November 25th (full day).

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