Language Arts 8 – April 11

Today we: had our essays returned to us and Mrs. LaFleur showed us a couple examples of ones that were well done! We now have the *opportunity to:

  • Read Mrs. LaFleur’s feedback,
  • Apply it to our first “draft”,
  • Return our first draft with the original rubric to Mrs. LaFleur BEFORE FRIDAY
  • Have our essay re-assessed in time for report cards!

You do not have to do this; it’s entirely optional and on your own time. I am available though at lunch time to help you!

We also re-read “The Novitiate” and annotated it. Tomorrow, we will complete a compare and contrast chart with Moriah and then write another 2-premise paragraph response (FOR MARKS! NOW THAT WE KNOW WHAT WE’RE DOING!)

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