Language Arts 7 – February 13

Today we:

  • completed a notebook entry about “Suspicion”:
  • reviewed the characters in our new novel: Detectives in Togas
  • completed the second characterization page for Antonius, Publius, and Julius:
    • Antonius: “Always expecting the worst” (p.18), competitive: “we have two slaves for our goldfish” (p.21), and tells wild stories about Lukos having “no legs” (p.20).
    • Publius: “Malicious” (p.17), the clown when the other clowns aren’t around: “made believe he was snoring…the others laughed” (p.18), and “fond of contradicting” (p.20).
    • Julius: Logical: “Out of the question!” (p.17), his father is a judge (p.20) and he knows the law.
  • We read to page 23 (end of chapter 2).

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