Language Arts 7 – December 14

Today we:

  • Had a grade 5 presentation from an all-star English student
  • Were given our final project directive
  • Were able to start planning our final project

Planning page 1: Created by Mrs. LaFleur (insert picture of Mrs. LaFleur’s face)

Planning page 2: Gebu (insert picture of chosen character’s face) The Golden Goblet

Planning page 3: Gebu is an antagonist who changes throughout the novel (not a static character).

Planning page 4: External (Body): describe Gebu’s physical appearance/attributes
Internal (Heart/Head): describe Gebu’s beliefs and values as well as his personality traits.

Planning page 5: *FROM THE NOVEL, FIND A QUOTE/COLLECTION OF QUOTES that best describe your character: “There was no expression on Gebu’s face. He was like a figure hewn out of stone” (p.33).

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