Family & Society 10 – November 15

Today we had a visit from a former King’s graduate who spent 4 months living rough last year by choice. He told us:

  • When you’re living rough, you spend all your time thinking about food and water.
  • You need to appreciate people in the moment. When you first meet people, they can be kind to you and then an hour later steal a bunch of your stuff. It’s not always their fault, so love people in the moment.
  • Listen to God. As soon as I stopped trying to make my plan work, God made it all happen His way.
  • Read proverbs and psalms. (Mrs. LaFleur: “Proverbs for the wisdom, Psalms for the human experience”).
  • The only thing that really matters in life are the people you love. it’s obvious to others when you’re away from the people you love.
  • Talk to people. Listen to their stories.

His testimony was powerful and had a lot to say about his experience; it was a privilege and a blessing to be shared with.

On another note, you had two new permission forms go home today! One is for BOWLING next Monday and the other is for working at the Mustard Seed next Friday.

I need both back from you ASAP!

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