Family & Society – October 18

Today we were off to the Salvation Army with Jen Gilfillan!

We had a quick tour and then it was all hands on deck to serve “at the table” – where clients can come and pick up fresh food as well as “in the pantry” – where they pick up food hampers for more long-term food needs. As clients were coming in, we welcomed them with smiles, cups of coffee, and emotional warmth. We were kind, considerate, and professional.

There were other volunteers on site from the Shuswap Association for Community Living (Karen! We haven’t met them yet but they are coming…) which supports adults with diverse abilities. I saw some of you being engaging, kind, patient and respectful to them. Janice was particularly curious and eager to speak with us ❤ 

As most of the full-time volunteers are more advanced in years, they have difficulties with some of the tasks, such as hauling food up from the basement where it is stored. In 30 minutes, you had accomplished what usually takes them a whole day. They were floored by your energy, enthusiasm, and joie de vivre. You never complained. You cheered each other on while building shelves. You portioned food. You cleaned and organized. You served. You asked questions about mopping techniques…seriously Rachel…

The staff were overwhelmed. They used words like “blessing” and “answer to prayer.” They invited us back, offered to make us lunch, and were so grateful for your contribution today. They felt the spirit of Jesus moving because you were there. 

I am constantly so thankful for you.I have never enjoyed teaching a class as much as I do this one, and you play a significant role in that. You are a group with incredible heart and desire to make a difference. I love you.

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