Family & Society 10 – October 13

Youth Peer Support Training @ Shuswap Family Resource Center with Patti

We are getting certified! This will be an official certification you can put on your resume and use in the future!

Most important: CONFIDENTIALITY (breaking this is the only way to disappoint Patti and get yourself fired).

Tool you can bring to the peer support table:

  • Instruments and music
  • Games
  • Crafts
  • Building (in all capacities)
  • Art
  • Outdoor shoes for outdoor activities
  • FOOD!

What you are responsible for:

  • being present
  • being kind
  • being unbiased and non-judgemental

What you are not responsible for:

  • someone else’s well-being
  • someone else’s story
  • someone else’s outcome
  • “fixing” anyone

Patti’s 4 Important Things:

Resilience (perseverance and strength) – highlights our gifts and talents; a trauma brain is heightened and busy.

Decisions: Take ownership over your decisions; make sure you “hold space” when supporting others (be unbiased, own your own life and your choices but respect the differences you see in others).

Quality of Life: What do YOU bring to the table and what brings you comfort (boundaries, truth, people, safety, things)

Advocates for Change:

  • Demand more from others/society
  • Be accountable
  • Be a role model
  • Explain and educate others on why you make the choices you do.

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