Family & Society 10 – October 12

Today we had a visit from Colleen and Aly from the SAFE Society! They came to speak about different initiatives and demographic information within Salmon Arm and area.


  • Domestic violence cases are the highest risk call-out for police because of the heightened emotions
  • SAFE Society crisis line: 250-832-9616 (24/7)
  • They offer The Hub (shopping center on Mondays and Wednesdays), Transition House (for those fleeing violence), FREE counselling, and lots of outreach to prevent violence.
  • In a 24-hour period, out of 152 programs in BC that reported, 1200 people sought help and 700 did not receive it due to lack of funding or staff to handle demand.
    • This is true in Salmon Arm (said Aly): of 12 people who come to get help, 7 may not get it.
  • There are many ways we can help: (1) provide human-power to wrap Christmas gifts, (2) raise awareness and items for Christmas Hampers, (3) help out at the HUB with sorting on a Tues/Thurs, (4) run a food drive for the shelter (wish list provided to Mrs. LaFleur, (5) give money and products from our Christmas Market.
  • Spoiler: we’re going to do all of this.

REMINDER: We’re off to SFRC tomorrow. Please ensure I have your forms. I will NOT be calling parents tomorrow – you have had lots of notice!

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