Socials 6 – September 8

Today we:

  • reviewed our definition of “culture” (with actions);
  • shared some current events which lead us to a discussion about…
    • Primary Sources: you consume information directly from an original source (like a newspaper, the radio, or an online journal). **The more sources to CROSS-REFERENCE, the better!
    • Secondary Sources: you consume information from a third party who may or may not have used an original source.
    • PROBLEM WITH SECONDARY SOURCES: we played a game of telephone and saw how information changed as the story was repeated by different people. Secondary sources may not have the whole story OR incorrect information!
    • These terms were entered on a page in our Socials 6 duotang called, “Important Terms.”
  • Homework: Queen Elizabeth II died today. Using a primary source, find out three facts about what happened. Example: how old was the queen when she died? Where was she? Why did she die? How is the world responding?

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